Theater based Learning - TBL

A unique and innovative methodology to learn and understand educational material

Medical Theater

Medical Theatre is the use of TBL for medical and healthcare topics.

On a mission to promote pain education, our next pit stop was at a rural/semi-urban setting in the town of Kalyan(near Mumbai). This eye hospital caters to over a 100 patients per day with majority of them being treated completely free of cost. Members from the entire team in the hospital including doctors, nurses , optometrists and administrators participated in the workshop to have a better understanding about pain using a new and innovative methodology.


Participants filling out pre-workshop questionnaires


Pain free learning- off to a start !! Facilitator Moksha in action.


Bringing out the creativity using imagination – A participant pretends to treat a bottle like a pet puppy.


Team building activity -Facilitator Mr. Parameshwaran


A tableau depicting perception of pain within varying age groups


A tableau depicting various types of pain- From right to left – Psychogenic, Neuropathic and Nociceptive.


A tableau depicting the WHO ladder for pain management