Theater based Learning - TBL

A unique and innovative methodology to learn and understand educational material

Medical Theater

Medical Theatre is the use of TBL for medical and healthcare topics.

A Hairy Tale is a short story of a successful cricketer who deteriorates in his performance for no obvious reason. The selectors suspect many causes and try to improve his performance by improving his training. Now will they succeed in getting the cricketer back to his form ? Watch this short video to find out. It might tell you more than what you think.

A hairy tail- Analogy on Psychogenic pain


This video is an outcome of a Theatre Based Learning (TBL) Workshop for Pain Education.Participants learnt various aspects of pain pathophysiology through theatre and dramatics and performed a play at the end of the workshop. This video is an edited version of the play performed on psychogenic pain. Workshop was organized by Yukti Medical Innovations pvt. ltd and Zandig Knowledge Foundation Trust.This education project on pain is supported by the IASP Developing Countries Project:
Initiative for Improving Pain Education.