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Training and development becoming all the more important. Money is not the sole motivator at work . People who work with organisations seek more than just employment out of their work; they look at holistic development of self. Training programs play a crucial role in enhancing employee’s capabilities, upgrading his existing knowledge and help him acquire new skills and learning’s. Effective training programs help employees to cope up with changes, think out of the box, survive the cut throat competition with a smile and contribute effectively to the success of organization.
The critical question however remains the implications and the contribution of training

Training & Development Programme We Offer

  • Leadership Training : Today’s business leaders influence employees’ choices and assist them in reaching goals. Rather than direct and dictate, they inspire and motivate. Our Leadership training programme specially designed to develop and inculcate leadership skills and very effective for Students , corporate professionals , administrators , managers and faculties
  • Professional Development Training – Whether you are a new or experienced manager, BICS curriculum of competency-based professional development training programme will strengthen your ability to optimize your team, including a full suite of personal development and professional development
    Highlights of Professional development training programme
    • Soft Skills development – Interpersonal skills / communications skills/ 3Leadership skills / time management skills / Stress management skills/ Presentation skills
    • Professional Etiquettes development- General work place etiquettes / dress code etiquettes/ telephone etiquettes / telephone & Network etiquettes
  • Motivational Lectures – Motivational training programmes designed for corporate professionals , Students , faculties and administrators
  • Human resource management training – Comprehensive training programme for HR professionals & students covering all the aspects of HR functions , domain knowledge , HR operation management , HR policies formulation & implementation
  • Employability development training – This Training programme specially designed for students keeping in view their career development and to enhance their skills, competencies , knowledge required for employability or professional development.

Training and Development enables you to:

  • Helps remove performance deficiencies in employees
  • Greater stability, flexibility and capacity for growth in an organization
  • Accidents, scraps and damages to machinery can be avoided
  • Serves as effective source of recruitment
  • It is an investment in HR with a promise of better returns in future
  • Reduces dissatisfaction, absenteeism, complaints and turnover of employees
  • Improve individual performance or fix up performance deficiency
  • Improve skills or knowledge or any other problem
  • To anticipate future skill-needs and prepare employee to handle more challenging tasks
  • To prepare for possible job transfers

Our Expertise

  • Management Commitment
  • Training & Business Strategies Integration
  • Comprehensive and Systematic Approach
  • Continuous and Ongoing approach
  • Promoting Learning as Fundamental Value
  • Creations of effective training evaluation system

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