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Payroll & Compliance Management

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Payroll & Compliance Management

Payroll & Compliances Management


If the employees Compensation, rewards and benefits are not professionally managed and understood or effective Government compliance is not achieved ,the organisation’s bottom line be seriously affected. The responsibility for these business critical issues will fall onto the shoulders of  HR Department . To simplify complexity of  amendment in compliances and keeping an eye on timely updation we  provide end to end payroll & compliance management Services to our clients.

Services we offer

  • Salary  Administration & processing
  • Statutory Audits (Under Labour Laws)
  • Statutory Maintenance
  • Compliances Management
    • Filing: of Returns, Registers, and Renewals etc
    • Advisory: Provide checklists, Conduct Audits
    • Reactive: Responding to notice/summons
    • Monitoring: Maintenance of Registers/Records
    • Statutory Remittance :PF, ESI, PT, LWF

Our Expertise

  • Immaculate team having complete legal know-how knowledge
  • We Strictly adhere to statutory laws and regulations
  • Complete guidance in legal documentation
  • Continuous monitoring of legal compliance
  • Easy remittance of statutory payments

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