Theater based Learning - TBL

A unique and innovative methodology to learn and understand educational material

Medical Theater

Medical Theatre is the use of TBL for medical and healthcare topics.

Objectives –

1. To introduce an innovative methodology and to demonstrate various possibilities in which any form of medical content can be converted into an interesting outcome.

2. To make them convert a medical topic into a script by themselves after learning few basics of theatre along with having fun and enjoyment during the process

Body –  For these group of students we had chosen the structure of a workshop to be most suitable, for the reasons that since this being a new methodology, we wanted them to experience it in a structured format so that they could enjoy and benefit form the process. A shorter didactic one hour session would be too short for them to even comprehend what we were trying to do. We conducted a workshop for medical students which was one day long, and conducted another workshop for medical and nursing students which was two days long. In each of these events we had mixed up a variety of sessions for these students. From theatrical games, group exercise’s, story building exercise’s and basics on script writing skills to converting a topic into a story and giving a performance on a pre-written script. The students were very curious and sceptical about the entire program when they started off and soon found to have lost themselves in the process eventually having a great time and enjoying it thoroughly resulting in many strong and positive responses. The nursing students were extremely enthusiastic and energetic throughout the workshop and commended on the benefits of the entire process.

Conclusion-  At the end of these workshops we concluded that this process was a worthwhile effort as it gives an experience to the learning’s along with a soft skill development to the individual by encouraging creativity and interest among the students. We realised for ourselves that learning or teaching anything can be an enjoyable and an effective methodology.



May 2011

Topic: Meniere’s disease, Mechanism of action of Penicillin.

 Opening activity:  Walk and freeze

Core activity: Story building, Conversion of a topic into script, guest sessions, a theatrical


 Closure activity: De- Briefing session

 Forward link:  Write and submit a script on the topic of your choice.


 June 2011

Topic: Broca’s aphasia, Temporal arteritis, Parathyroid hormone,  Sympathetic and

                parasympathetic system, Rheumatic fever and  Cushing’s syndrome.

Class: 1st to 3rd yr. B.Sc. Nursing students, 1st to 4th Year MBBS undergraduate students