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HR System Designing & Implementation

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HR Policies / Processes formulation & Implementation

The Human Resource function has become increasingly important in meeting an organization’s business strategy, goals and objectives. The function has become a business partner within the organization. Human Resources Systems and Staffing help to competitively differentiate your organization from the competition. The people and the working environment make a difference in achieving success and optimizing the organization. Bluei Consultancy Services  can work with your Human Resources organization in reviewing its current status and in looking at system design and implementation. We review whether the HR systems (Compensation, Performance Management, Selection, Development, Succession Planning, etc.) are in alignment with the organization’s business strategy and articulated operating philosophy, culture and style.

Services We Offer

Based on our experience  and our knowledge of the contemporary best practice solutions, we develop, implement and improve the systems and processes, for example:

  • Performance management system
  • Learning and development, talent management system;
  • Information management and internal communication
  • Payroll & Compliances Management System
  • Employee recruitment and induction system
  • Total reward system
  • Motivation system
  • Career management
  • Competency based HR management

Our Expertise

  • Professional expertise and support in designing single or combined HR systems
  • Audit of existing systems and recommendations for improvement
  • Reducing HR management bottlenecks in order to improve the systems overall performance
  • Adjust and integrate the HR systems of the “mother” company in another country to the local market and organisational needs
  • Oversee the integration of HR systems or changing of existing systems during the merger & acquisition processes.

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