Theater based Learning - TBL

A unique and innovative methodology to learn and understand educational material

Medical Theater

Medical Theatre is the use of TBL for medical and healthcare topics.


 With the growing success and popularity of Medical Theatre, it was about time when an official request was sent by the Principal of Nursing College requesting for a workshop for the entire teaching faculty from the college of nursing. This request was embraced willingly and a workshop was scheduled for the f from the college of nursing. official request was sent by the Principaaculty of nursing which comprised of college teachers and clinical instructors.

                       The Challenging aspect of this workshop was the seniority of the participants who are already a trained group of teachers. To introduce to them an unconventional and new methodology would have to be prepared carefully. In order to conduct this workshop without compromising on quality, The script Peoples Theatre Group involvement was vital. The second year Msc. Nursing students took time out of their daily schedule and organised the entire event for us.

Objectives –

  1. To introduce an innovative methodology to a group of professional trainers from the college of Nursing.
  1. To demonstrate four aspects of Medical theatre-

a.       Creating a script

b.      Creating a performance

c.       Importance of Games

d.      Theory and Practical’s on Theatre-in-education.

  1. To assign the creation of a script on any topic of their choice such that after its creation it is performed on a selected date along with the performances of the others.

Body – The concept of medical theatre explores participation rather than watching or listening to a particular session. It was therefore challenging to identify how a session for teachers could be employed. Moreover , since the expected participation was for about 60 nursing trainers, it was difficult to decide on an appropriate structure for this methodology. After multiple brain storming sessions with the Script People’s Theatre group it was decided that the entire group of nursing faculty would be divided into 4 groups. Each group will enter a particularroom which will be specific to a particular session. Therefore each group enters 4 rooms consecutively for 45 minutes each. The rooms had facilitators for their own sessions.

One room was for creating a script – here the participants underwent an entertaining session in which various medical topics are presented in an interesting and creative format.

The next room was for creating a performance – where the participants learnt some basics on how a performance is created from a script. The script chosen for performance was on mechanism of action of penicillin’s.

In another room there was a session on theatrical games – where the participants played a variety of games and understood it’s importance in the field of education.

The fourth room was kept for some theory and practical’s – where the participants were shown a snippet of a professional performance after which they were taught some basics about theatre. Each group visited these rooms in different permutations and combinations

To start with, the participants assembled in their main auditorium where a common introductory session was taken. Following which they were divided into 4 groups. Each group went into different rooms to experience an enriching session of that speciality. At the end of being through the 4 rooms there was a common closing session where feedback was taken and the workshop was concluded by the narration of a short story on Florence Nightingale. Individual session feedback was taken on chart papers stuck in the respective rooms. The forward link that was given to the participants in pairs involved them to develop a story on any topic of their choice within 3 days of the workshop and to direct it into a play 2 weeks after the workshop, converting the outcome of the program into a full day theatre festival.

Conclusion- At the end of this half a day ordeal it can be concluded that this methodology can be as effective and informative even though implemented in a short duration. The teachers who participated definitely felt that they are more confident in implementing creativity and emotions into their sessions. This kind of workshop was only an informative trailer for medical theatre, there must be longer duration of interventions for a proper and structured training and implementation of medical theatre.