Theater based Learning - TBL

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Medical Theater

Medical Theatre is the use of TBL for medical and healthcare topics.

Only if we take a blind step into the unknown – will the next step be visible. From what started off a search for a few probable actors the concept of Medical Theatre (MT)  evolved because a doctor by the name of Jagdish stood up when it mattered.

I think it has become second nature for us at Script Peoples Theatre (SPT) to push people beyond their comfort zones in their chosen field to explore the dramatic life beyond the “edge”. Not very many like the idea of being pushed – but Jagdish has stayed on play-fully. This document is a testimony to his effort.

I doubt if many will have the courage to go through the whole document in detail, but for the few who do read this foreword – I hope they will appreciate the magnitude of the journey taken by the author of this document.

Willingness to create a new path, ability to organize a workshop, convincing participants and collaborators, showcasing performance, co-creating modules, working towards a play presentation, talking  to clients, willingness to lead and follow, creating content, facilitating sessions……the list is endless. It’s a pleasure to see that these basic requirements for a MT journey have all been attempted by Jagdish.

Under SPT’s program modules Jagdish trained MBA students through three workshops after completing the facilitation certificate program This was followed by going through the pain and pleasure of acting in Vision 2020 theatre production –The Apricot Jar –  to get crafted as a team actor under direction. It was also a joy to see Jagdish execute his session plan on how to incorporate creativity in the classroom for students of B Ed. Needless to say he has been one of the few bright sparks with SPT who can set the fire of excitement going.

This document shows a fraction of the effort taken by all those involved in creating it. From participants, organizers, friends, family, well-wishers, facilitators – the roller coaster ride of MT has just begun and I’m glad that Jagdish is leading it from the front

Sibu B Vaz
Script Peoples Theatre