Theater based Learning - TBL

A unique and innovative methodology to learn and understand educational material

Medical Theater

Medical Theatre is the use of TBL for medical and healthcare topics.

Medical Theatre
Dramatic improvement in health care!!

What is Theatre Based Learning- A unique and innovative methodology to learn and understand  any educational material using theatre and dramatics

Medical Theatre? – The art of learning and teaching medicine by the means of dramatics and theatre. Our recently published article shares more details.

How does it work?” We often forget what we read, seldom forget what we have experienced”. Based on this philosophy the methodology makes the participants convert what they have read to something that they can experience. Most typically a paragraph of material is converted to a skit/story/poem/song by the participant. It is remembered because they created it. The facilitators help to facilitate this process effectively.

Do people come and perform and we learn by watching them? – ABSOLUTELY NOT. You read, you convert, you make , you perform and thats why you learn, you remember and you benefit. Trainers make you do this using the methodology and its process. Merely watching is not as effective.

Why only medical topics? – This methodology can be used for any topic in any material. But everything needs to begin somewhere. We chose to begin in the medical field as this is where we have expertise ( Teams of doctors with theatre expertise) and this field is the most resistant to change and hence a big need.

Who can participate?
1. Anyone who likes to be a part of theatrical plays and wants to have fun exploring a new methodology using theatre and dramatics so that they can learn and teach medicine in an innovative and interesting way.
2. Actors , Directors and Script writers
3. Medical students ( Undergraduate and post graduate)
4. Science and Art students – Media and education
5. Students from other fields (nursing/paramedical etc)


Pain is often defined as a complex process that leads to an unpleasant sensation usually caused by intense or damaging stimuli. As difficult as it is to experience pain, it is probably more difficult to explain it.

Pain education has been a growing challenge when it comes to teaching its process, its mechanism and its cure, mainly because it is often taught using monotonous and didactic teaching methodologies. Advanced countries with modern teaching methodologies rely on technology and simulation. However under developed countries remain devoid of such facilities in most parts. Theatre and dramatics has been a useful tool for effective communication to all strata of society. The use of role play has been especially over used, but its role limits to clinical scenarios.

We promote a methodology, that helps to understand the complexities related to pain and its management amongst students, medical graduates, nursing staff, doctors, patients and their relatives by using innovative theatre techniques. This methodology involves their participation in an emotional roller Coaster for effective learning.

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This education project on pain is supported by the IASP Developing Countries Project: 

Initiative for Improving Pain Education

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